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Blackpool FC’s 12/13 accounts reviewed

Following the release of Zabaxe’s accounts last week, it was the turn of the Blackpool FC group of companies to lodge their financials for the 2012/13 season. As with the 2011/12 accounts, there is nothing nearly as shocking as the £11m director remuneration awarded to Owen Oyston (via Zabaxe), but the most recent documents still contain a story worth telling.

What’s going on with Zabaxe?

The name Zabaxe is a familiar one to most Blackpool fans, synonymous as it is with the £11m director remuneration paid to Owen Oyston back in 2010/11. As a quick refresher, it was Zabaxe Limited who were the recipient of this unprecedent director salary straight out of the Premier League TV money, with the claim being it was for tax planning purposes.

The charade of transparency

“When is supporter outreach not really outreach at all?”

That’s the question I’ve been left pondering following the latest line of events at Bloomfield Road. On October 24th Karl Oyston met with BSA members in another one of their ‘mini-forum’ events. Fans were there, questions were asked and answers provided, but is this really supporter engagement?