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Oyxit means Oyxit?

With the deadline for bids to be submitted to the receiver having passed on 15th May, we are ever closer to prospect of new ownership of Blackpool FC. During this period of receivership, there has always been the lingering threat, however remote, that if Owen … Continue reading Oyxit means Oyxit?

Karl Oyston will not learn…ever.

Here we are again. Yes, again. And again! It really is an omnishambles, isn’t it? The latest sorry mess to hit Bloomfield Road is of course the unseemly exchange of text messages between Karl Oyston and a supporter. There is much to condemn, from both Oyston and the supporter in question, but the particularly disgusting element – and the thing which has prompted so much press coverage – is the various references made by Oyston to learning disabilities with comments such as “retard”, “special needs” and “intellectual cripple”.

Zabaxe’s 2013 accounts filed

Due by the 30th September, the Zabaxe accounts for financial year ending December 31st 2013 were filed late on 2nd October and were made available for viewing by Companies House this morning. For those unfamiliar with the story surrounding Zabaxe, their 2012 accounts were analysed on Measured Progress earlier this year. A very quick analysis of the most recent set of financial statements follows…

Why Karl Oyston still doesn’t get it

Back in April, I wrote a post outlining a number of ways in which the club could begin repairing the damage done over the past few years of rudderless mismanagement. Step two was a call for chairman Karl Oyston to step out of the limelight. As it happens, Oyston has opted to do the exact opposite and is now the author of a weekly column in the Blackpool Gazette with a platform to say whatever is on his mind…

In Conversation – 2014/15 Season Preview

It’s finally time for the football to do the talking with the 2014/15 season only 24 hours away. With the return of Measured Progress’ ‘In Conversation’ feature, John Kane and Chris Walker discuss a summer of upheaval at Bloomfield Road and what it may mean for Blackpool’s Championship prospects in the forthcoming campaign…