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Why Karl Oyston still doesn’t get it

Back in April, I wrote a post outlining a number of ways in which the club could begin repairing the damage done over the past few years of rudderless mismanagement. Step two was a call for chairman Karl Oyston to step out of the limelight. As it happens, Oyston has opted to do the exact opposite and is now the author of a weekly column in the Blackpool Gazette with a platform to say whatever is on his mind…


In Conversation – 2014/15 Season Preview

It’s finally time for the football to do the talking with the 2014/15 season only 24 hours away. With the return of Measured Progress’ ‘In Conversation’ feature, John Kane and Chris Walker discuss a summer of upheaval at Bloomfield Road and what it may mean for Blackpool’s Championship prospects in the forthcoming campaign…

Oystons vs. Belokon – Blackpool's Boardroom Battle

As if the all the upheaval of the playing squad this summer wasn’t enough, with new manager José Riga struggling to build a squad to prepare for a challenging Championship season, the boat has been rocked further at Bloomfield Road with unrest between the club’s directors. It’s a storm that has been brewing for quite some time, but has intensified in the course of the past few days.

Why the season ticket deadline should be extended

Saturday 21st June sees the deadline for the early bird season ticket pricing come and go. At £195.30 for an adult ticket for Championship football, it seems like an absolute steal. However, despite the rock bottom prices, sales are reportedly sluggish at best. With only around 4,000 season tickets sold at the time of writing, the club currently look like losing a large percentage of the 10,000+ season ticket holders from the past few seasons.

Seven steps to preventing an exodus

With just five games of the season remaining, relegation to League One is becoming an ever more distinct possibility. Regardless of the eventual outcome this season however, the club is facing a difficult task in retaining supporters with the likelihood being a sharp drop off in season ticket sales. No information has yet been released by the club relating to pricing or deadlines, but here are a few suggestions the club might wish to consider to avoid losing a significant number of fans…

Blackpool FC’s 12/13 accounts reviewed

Following the release of Zabaxe’s accounts last week, it was the turn of the Blackpool FC group of companies to lodge their financials for the 2012/13 season. As with the 2011/12 accounts, there is nothing nearly as shocking as the £11m director remuneration awarded to Owen Oyston (via Zabaxe), but the most recent documents still contain a story worth telling.