What is this all about?

It’s very easy to answer that, but harder to realise. The short answer is …….

‘To write about Blackpool matches and tactics’.

However, what I want to do may prove harder to do given time constraints and my general apathy to anything once I start it. I’ve always been good at starting things, but always harder to sustain my enthusiasm. Yawn!

If I had a vision for this blog it would be something akin to the site Zonal Marking, and other great blogs out there at the moment, but with the focus on Blackpool. Essentially, it will be a reporting of football based on clear evidence rather than journalistic nonsense that the national media tend to bash out. I will never use the phrase, ‘get in their faces’ or ‘up and at em’.

My desire to write this comes from an interest in football, that is based around the usual childish enthusiasm that the sport can generate, to wanting to understand more about how teams can beat each other through tactics and formations.

I’ve often found myself watching Blackpool over the last year thinking that I can see clear patterns of play and wondered how the press would interpret our matches, only to be humoured by someone who may never have been at the match after reading words like ‘another spirited performance’. I think you get the picture.

I’d like to start to unpick some of our performances as quite frankly our rise under Ian Holloway has been nothing short of sensational and his reign has not only seen the biggest success for some 40 years or more, but it is a reign that has seen a clear style being defined away from the standard 4-4-2 that has floated around our club for sometime. From McMahon’s cultured approach to 4-4-2 with short passes on the ground working the ball in to wide areas for overlaps and crosses along with the odd incisive pass to Grayson’s 4-4-2 built on a similar framework with added variation in pass length paired up with his ability to use substitutions to change a game.

Moving on before I bore you to death with this first post. Hopefully, by now you know that I’m hoping to do, if not then hopefully that will become clear. In the next few posts I shall put down some of my general musings about the tangerines, with a little back up from sources such as Guardian chalkboards, before moving on to match reviews from this season incorporating as much evidence to back up my views.

So for now, that’s all. I hope you enjoy what you read from here on.