We Are Premier League…

Hello and welcome to this blog.

As we usher in Premier League football, hopefully for longer than a season, I’ve decided to start writing about the club once again. I used to write as part of the Pool Panel for AVFTT when it was still part of the Rivals network, but gave up after three seasons when I no longer had the enthusiasm to meet the tight Sunday evening deadline.

Recently I was asked if I was interested in writing a small preview for Ghostgoal, a football blog with a level of insight rarely seen in the usual media outlets – I highly recommend you check them out. They have asked fans of all 20 Premier League clubs for their views ahead of the season, and you can read that entry, including my own thoughts, here. (Editor: No longer online)

Writing that preview has sparked my creative juices, hence me starting this very blog. I aim to write semi-regularly, hopefully about things you wouldn’t necessarily get from the existing Blackpool FC online sources. Any criticism, constructive or otherwise, is welcome.

For now, I’m trying to calm down ahead of the Wigan game tomorrow. Blackpool are back.